Company history 

Founded in 1990 the Dr. Baurecht GmbH (Ltd.) took over the enterprise of PTC Ceramics Heiz- und Regeltechnik GmbH in 1996. PTC Ceramics has been producing PTC heating elements since the early 80`s. Our production of PTC heating elements is built on long experience.

Through rigorous development of new technologies, and the expansion and improvement of production, PTC Ceramics has furthered its high position in the world market. Highest product quality and exceptional production flexibility offered at competitive pricing are hallmarks of PTC Ceramics.

In 1999 the company expanded its production by building an additional factory in Hrusovany/Czechia. The company headquarters and main production facilities remained in Krems/Austria. Highly motivated and experienced staff, supported by high tech production facilities, continues to develop ever more effective applications of heating elements and to improve the high production standards. In accord with this purpose the company constantly seeks new applications for its products.

On 1 July 2004 DBK David+Baader GmbH took over the business of Dr. Baurecht GmbH and the company name was changed into DBK Heizelemente Vertriebs GmbH. However, the well-know trademark “PTC Ceramics” is carried on under the roof of the DBK-group. The PTC and heating element production are now concentrated in the factory in Hrusovany. DBK Heizelemente Vertriebs GmbH is the headquarters and in charge of sales, research and development, technical matters and management issues.

Today PTC Ceramics exports heating elements to satisfied costumers all over the world including Far East, Europe, North- and South America.

Ing. Roland Krenn

technical division

Martina Sedlácková

production management



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