VDE marks licence no. 105212 for Insulation class II (DIN EN 60335-1)


  EC Conformity to European Directive 73/23/EEC including amendments  
  UL file no. E 66892
Other approvals on demand.

Technical Data

AR- and SA-Series 

The heating element of the AR-series consists of an aluminium tube (the SA-series respectively of an aluminium cup), in which the thermistor has been fixed by a small quantity of a special kind of silicone compound with high heat-transfer rate. The electrical insulation is provided by high-temperature-resistant insulation sheets..

Name Available Sizes
D1 Diameter of Aluminium Casing 6,0 – 23,3 mm
L1 Length of Aluminium Casing Up to 80 mm
L2 Length of Glassfibre Sleeve No limits
L3 Length of Lead Wire No limits
L4 Stripped Length No limits
T Temperature Range Up to 240°C
P Power Range in Ice Water (0°C) Up to 200 W
V Rated Voltage 110-240 V (12-24 V possible)
The above table indicates our standards. According to customer requirements, we also design PTC heating elements for different size specifications

High power heating element

Easy assembling with fixation spring (pre-assembled) or heat sink

Extremely forgiving against mishandling

Highly effective heat transfer provided by the aluminium casing

Available as a Multiple-Power-PTC-heater

Special advantages of the SA-Series

VDE II approved heating element with an extremely small outer diameter

Waterproof due to fixation in an aluminium cup


Hair care Hair Curler, Hair Crimper, Hair Drier, Curling Brush, Steam Curler, Curling Irons, Curling Tongues, Hot Comb
Body care Wax Depilators
Household appliances Travel Irons, Travel-Jug, Bread Warmer, Water Heater, Water Evaporator, Espresso- and Coffeemachines, Room-Deodorants
Industrial appliances Oil-Preheating, Boiler-Preheating, Frost Protection, Valve Heating, Mould Heating, Binding System (Lumback-Technology), Hot Glue Gun