Production Technology

We purchase raw materials from reliable, well-known international companies and produce the PTC Thermistor from the beginning by ourselves.

The raw materials are prepared for the pressing process by several production steps, such as milling, drying, granulating.

Pressing and heat treatment make the plates ready for sintering.

The complete in-house production and accurate quality assurance system enable us to guarantee for the high quality of our PTC products.

Our special coating under high-vacuum ambient prepares our PTC Thermistor for the unique technology of soldering the lead wire. This way of electrical contacting leads to a robust and long-living product, insensitive to external mechanical stress as vibrations or shocks.
Independent of the production of the PTC Thermistor, we prepare all other necessary materials for the assembling. The materials as aluminium profiles, lead wires, insulation foil, silicone sleeve etc. are made ready for production just in time in our factories to allow short delivery times and flexible order processing.
The assembling itself is supported by highly automatic appliances and robots which allows a flexible production process with short times of resetting the machines for large quantities. Due to the very specialised manufacturing process we construct and set up most of our production lines by ourselves, knowing all the essential technology details for a perfect assembling to get a high quality PTC heating element.
Our trained staff, equipped with modern testing facilities, take care that only elements, which have passed the testing procedure successfully, get released for packing
The quality end control is made according to the requirements of the independent certification institutes UL and VDE.