Krems - Austria

The head office of PTC-Ceramics is in Krems, a town situated approx 100 km to the west of Vienna. First historical records of Krems were made in 995.

Today the city has around 25.000 inhabitants. Krems is the entrance to the Wachau Valley, which is a stretch of the Danube Valley.

This climatically favoured region has been settled for centuries, which is proved by impressive archaeological objects found in this area (for example the “Venus of Willendorf”, approx. 20.000 B.C.).

Despite several wars took place over centuries, numerous art monuments from the Romanesque, the Gothic and the Renaissance period have been preserved.

The Wachau is rich in culinary options and it is a paradise for wine-lovers, where vines have been grown for more than 2000 years. Especially in spring, when the apricots are in full bloom, or in autumn during the wine fall the Wachau is worth seeing. It can be explored by bicycle along the famous Danube biking route, by boat or by car.

This region was honoured by the European Council with the European Diploma and is therefore protected landscape. It is an outstanding example of a riverine landscape bordered by mountains. The Wachau Valley, the Chinese Wall, the pyramids of Gizeh and the Taj Mahal in India have in common that they have been selected as a world cultural heritage site by the UN-Cultural Organisation UNESCO.

Hruošvany - Czech Republic

The assembling of our heating elements is made in Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou, a small town a few kilometres to the north of the Austrian border in the Czech Republic and only approx. 200 km away from Krems.

Because of the common historical development and the nearness to Austria, a close and fruitful cooperation between the employees of both locations is natural. Problems in coordination and communication are largely excluded.

As an employer Dr. Baurecht Moravia s.r.o. is a distinguished partner of the local economy around Hrušovany.

view over the danube

Convent Göttweig

Convent Melk and Venus of Willendorf


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